Fuzhou Cheng Cheung printing limited is a professional engaged in printing advertising of private, has more Taiwan offset, and letterpress, and hot printing, and screen printing, and sedan, variety printing dedicated equipment; has professional of design, and sedan, and printing personnel guarantee customer of printing quality, and has more name salesman Fuzhou Cheng Cheung printing, and Fuzhou printing, and Fuzhou printing factory, and Fuzhou printing company, and Fuzhou printing, and Fuzhou printing design company, and Fuzhou album printing, and Fuzhou packaging printing, and Color printing, envelope printing, Fuzhou, Fuzhou, Fuzhou sample printing, poster printing, brochure printing, Fuzhou, Fuzhou, Fuzhou packaging printing, Fuzhou carton printing, tote bags printed in Fuzhou in the shortest time possible to provide customers free home consultation, take live, delivery services, so as to solve the pressing needs of customers when you need to print.

    thanks to the new and old customers the support and love over the years, the unit also provides printing services to print advertising colleagues, including printing technology printing equipment maintenance, computer technology, and maintenance of computers and peripherals, network construction and maintenance, and so on.

    welcome advertising and printing industry print shop, advertising colleagues to join!