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DM single chip

DM single chip

    DM comes from DIRECT MAIL in English, meaning Flash advertisements, usually consisting of eight or 16 open advertising paper and into the front and back printing. Hualian DM as store periodically in the form of the main promotional tool, usually every two weeks, launching a period, products listed in the DM is based on seasons, months, weather, temperature, popularity, seasonal factors, such as the setting. As in the summer with a focus on beverages, sunstroke prevention items, such as air conditioning, the hot pot, cooked food, cold in the winter, and so on. The main season of the year is the best time to do DM, such as new year's day, Chinese new year, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, children's day, national day, Christmas, etc. DM and commodity price sale, limited, lotteries, sweepstakes, tasting, competitions, etc are also important in the shopping centre promotions.

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