Well-known international newspaper network status and revelation

    media's digital transformation has become the first issue of the newspaper industry. The impact of digital media on traditional media is a worldwide, traditional media should take a positive response. Both newspapers and the Internet and other new media, the core objective is the dissemination of information. In fact, the traditional media is the main network news content providers, network integration is the best way to null;null; network services in newspaper, let the network attracts readers ' newspaper. Newspapers should be the site's "signs" and "navigation" and websites should naturally be newspaper electronic, Visual physics extends to achieve between traditional media and new media extension, mutual complement and mutual integration.

    the New York Times

    the New York Times Company digital has been used as a strategy for future development, adhere to the "network is a platform for success" concept, development and application of information technology and Internet business in an important position. Company President xiaosuzibeige stressed that sold to an audience is not the New York Times newspaper, news, information and knowledge, the New York Times to do "content providers" leader; long-time rival of the New York Times is not a peer in the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, but that Microsoft and Time Warner.

    the New York times since 1996, business networks, website hits have been United States newspaper Web site, has been named "America's best online newspaper". Times also actively cooperate with other sites, the main news and packaged for sale, Google's Web site is now one of the largest content providers. A few years ago, the New York Times introduced a digital newspaper, as far away as other countries, subscribers to download even on network print with actual newspapers the same version, made with New York readers to read the full version of the New York Times on the day. But the move is still at an experimental stage, and its commercial value remains to be seen.

    to promote interaction, the New York Times did a lot of exploring, such as on the main report is based on the content, for 3-12 grade students learning materials, course design, leisure and recreational activities, the New York Times content is more integrated into daily life, a move that was welcomed by students, parents and teachers. New York Times, another success in promoting interaction experience is that advertisers in the Print Edition and Online Edition have the same promotional opportunities, where a customer placed advertisements in newspapers, advertising on the Internet will be able to enjoy discounts. Now online advertising 25% is from the New York Times print edition of the ad, prompting printed edition of rose.

    face the challenge of electronic media, the New York Times company newspaper and website editorial team one, requires all reporters to newspaper syndication, video reports and timely Internet news, resource sharing within the company. In 1999, the website has encountered a setback, businesses are recognizing that we cannot use print media's thinking to the new media, and to reform the site's organizational structure, financial and product, online operations and print completely separate, independent accounting, independent management, profitability after two years, the website has become America's best newspaper Web site.

    Wall Street Journal

    since its inception in 1996, the Wall Street Journal Web sites like the Wall Street Journal won the commercial success and high professional evaluation. When many newspaper Web sites is just the electronic version of the newspaper, also struggled when trying to profit models, the Wall Street Journal and its Web site have been embedded with each other. The Wall Street Journal Online Edition in addition to covering all of the layout of the Wall Street Journal all content, as well as from other Dow Jones products resources news stories and columns. More than more than more than 1600 editors offer more than 1000 a day section supports the Wall Street Journal's Online Edition, a serious, independent and exclusive content, ensure that network users always maintain a high degree of loyalty.

    especially in 2007 "downsizing", the Wall Street Journal significantly enhanced interaction with the network version. Wall Street Journal Europe editor of newspaper "downsizing" explained: "slim" version is in order to give time for elite-level readers a quick read of may, at the same time created a close connection with the network version of the new newspaper. On the face of it is given to the reader's needs, is actually attract readers to its online edition. Service function of the Web site, Web site users not only in the United States at 0 o'clock Eastern time informed of all newspaper articles of the day title and part of the full text of the article, also at 7 o'clock Eastern time access to browse all articles and the opportunity to download the PDF version, earlier than the time newspapers, newspaper readers can only browse the few free articles on the site.

    the Wall Street Journal, have opened a newspaper and benign combination of proprietary website commercial operation a path, now is the largest global paid users of Web sites and publications of the most successful Internet, website monthly traffic of over 20 million. Improved newspaper online click-through rates to increase economic benefits of the network, this is a sharing and compensation of newspaper revenue. In the Guide to the Wall Street Journal column, intuitive tips for each section of the online version with a picture link, the newspaper is "streamlining" reported in the online version can be found on the more detailed and more complete version. For example, newspapers "investment and finance" versions of some financial data, also published in the Online Edition for free.

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