Industrial inkjet printing market

    currently in ink-jet printing market, leading position in Western Europe, followed by Asia and North America. By 2010, Asia is expected to surpass occupy a leading position in Western Europe. Ink-jet printing market in China after the United States; United Kingdom 2008-Jet sales of 1.2 billion euros.

    ink-jet printing identification of the main areas of application are signs, printing (including banners, point of sale advertising, etc), in the textile, paper, plastic, metal and other soft and hard print graphic medium is a major feature of inkjet printing. According to statistics, 2008 Global inkjet printing signs printing output of 6.5 billion euros (of which, China sign identifies the market value of 1.5 billion euros. ), Up 57% from 2003, is expected to increase by 2013 52%. 2008 in the field of security printing inkjet printing output of 391 million euros, up 94% from 2003. Label printing ink-jet printing faster-growing areas, in 2008 production value amounted to 867 million euros (as of 2003, the output value at € 355 million).

    ink-jet printing is now involved in all areas of packaging, such as corrugated cardboard printing, printing, printing of flexible packaging, label printing, metal tank.

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