Detrimental packaging work green food has become "contaminated"

    China has began implementation of green food packaging general guidelines clear provides, packaging food with plastic products not allows using sent bubble polystyrene, and polyurethane, material; green of outside packaging should express material using description and the repeat using, and recycling using description and the Green logo; green of printing outside packaging, its ink or posted label of binder should nontoxic, and not should directly contact food.

    these criteria would essentially on food packaging, especially organic foods to strictly regulate the packaging, in order to improve its security. Here special mention green food packaging, because consumers are focusing on green food itself often neglects the packaging for its new pollution, so as to make the food into the "food".

    have been found in some supermarkets, many vegetables are marked with a green logo and packaging according to weight. However, although these packaged using biodegradable plastic wrap, but the tray is a one-time plastic products many fruits platter, likewise used disposable foam plastics harmful to human health care network packages; and a considerable number of green food labelled high quality rice, also in the use of harmful plastic woven bag.

    according to the experts, many grains, vegetables and other food in plastic bags, plastic tray, the material is PVC, not only toxic to humans, and pollution on the environment after use. As another example, some businesses use whitening paper food packaging. These papers in the production process, in order to raise the level of their white, most of them used on humans and animals are very toxic effects of fluorescent whitening agents for processing. Particularly worth mentioning is that now many businesses prefer to use color wrapping paper, pollution, harm caused even greater. Excessive color wrapping paper containing benzene color inks if direct contact with the food, may directly harm human health. Therefore, the food must be printed with colored ink to prevent excessive use of benzene "green bags".

   , green-how to prevent harmful packaging?

    combined concerned on this of science detection, analysis think, in not need change traditional production process technology of while, both solution good green packaging printing process Lottery ink benzene exceeded of problem, and reduced for site deployment and caused of raw materials waste and staff poisoning event of occurred, while improve raw materials utilization, and reduced enterprise production cost, and reduced enterprise business risk, best of approach is by GB-9685 standard, Allowing only horse anhydride modified polypropylene and polyurethane adhesives are used in food packaging, and benzene as a solvent for one-component adhesive must not be allowed to use. That is, the direction of benzene-free printing technology should become green food packaging, packing the business enterprise want from a food safety point technology through technological improvements innocuous packaging material from the source.

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