The historical evolution of variable data printing

    variable data printing, also known as personalized printing (Variable Data Printing, referred to as VDP) is an important part of digital printing. This variable data print "past and present" a simple discussion.

    early variable data printing

    what we now call the variable data printing originated with traditional accounting and financial null;null; closed accounts, invoicing and billing, accounts payable, accounts, demand deposit accounts, financial asset reports and insurance proceeds that are first variable data printing.

    of these projects were originally run on the mainframe, then was transferred to the mini computer. Finally with multi-level integration to enterprise-level client/server applications.


    variable data printed in early chain impact produced on the printer. Their addresses and transaction data is printed on pre-printed continuous form. ID cards are printed on thick cardboard in the same way. In addition, all the print background patterns are printed on an offset printing press in advance.

    later on, with the improvement of digital printers, it gradually replaced the impact printers, however, from a programming perspective, the transition from impact printing to digital printing just changed the printing hardware, but does not have much impact variable data printing program code. Until the advent desktop publishing, variable data printing was gradually transformed into a design-oriented image products.

    early facilities

    variable data printing (transactional printing), early use of facilities is very complex, but it's not the integration headaches. Yiqian, living piece of work all done by a master computer that uses standard operating system, and all software used on this computer are certified through the operating system. Unified programming language and data management procedures may restrict the user's choice, but it will also reduce the requirement for operator skills.

    directly connected to the host of CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor online browsing data from your users, and connect to a printer on the host is to provide printing services to the user. These systems and host integration problem can be resolved by the programmer according to features of the operating system.

    existing facilities and procedures

    based on a client-server environment may cause some away could set handler, and distributed processing environments, different processing units may use different operating systems and procedures, and this makes communication barriers between different units.

    This means that we need more expertise to maintain the normal operation of the system as a whole, rather than a single set of functions and skills. In other words, the distributed processing unit will improve the printing company for the staff's skills null;null; knowledge management networks, knowledge and procedural knowledge use different hardware. Procedural knowledge is relatively rich, and highly professional, database management, digital asset management and image design software such as variable data printing workers should have a program.

    installed applications need to integrate not only now, but also to share their data with other programs and content, compared with the previous trading programs, which is much more complex. In addition to the inclusion of digital images, a lot of variable data printing solutions to different sources of data matching and combined together, and draw the appropriate conclusions and business logic to achieve the solution goals.

    these goals include maintaining customer relationships, develop new customers, develop reasonable pricing and discounting models, transfer inventory and maintaining communication with other areas. This must be done in a highly competitive business environment, and users who want to pass these parameters to measure the effectiveness of variable data printing. In General, the successful variable data printing solutions are closed.


    all in all, simplification of procedures is the inevitable choice for people.

    not only will this not affect the effect of variable data printing solutions, but also eliminate workflow and integration of complex problems.

    simplify the variable data printing is the best way to find the most easy to understand and use the basic processes and tools. This may mean that you have to forgo some fancy stuff, turn to select some very small but easy to understand and connect with the component.

    We can use tools to create a fully functional set of variable data printing solutions. This means home printing business through more complex variable data solutions to achieve your production objectives.

    streamlining workflow and variable data printing development is another advantage of the system to reduce the requirements of printing enterprises, which can at a low cost to hire some employees will only use basic tools, and develop their expertise rather than pay big money at the outset to find a mature skills of employees. Employees with sophisticated skills are hard to find, and treatment requirements is relatively high.

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