Print cost control: factors influencing ink consumption and calculation

    how to calculate consumption of ink in actual production to plan? If the amount of preparation too much, often remaining after the production of large quantity of waste ink waste costs, increased inventory waste ink. If the budget is too small, staff preparation again, even the downtime waiting for, that would affect the production schedule.

    first of all, to know what are the important factors will affect the amount of ink. Basically, the ink consumption is affected by the following factors:

    ink on a printing press at least

    when the ink into the printer, and not all will be transferred on paper. The ink will go through a lot of drum, and on the decentralization and devolution of its last printed on paper. So, some not used in print, and losses on the press, covering the drum. Plus the ink must also set aside a certain amount of ink to stable ink rollers and ink in the ink should be used in the calculation. This dosage can be thought of as ink on a printing press at least. Should pay special attention to the different brands and models of printers, ink on its minimum will be different. Of course, the printing quantity, the more ink in the printer at least will become irrelevant.

    printing area

    print spot color areas and is proportional to the amount of ink. Spot color area is larger, more ink consumption. Therefore, the printed area will be used as an ink spot colors. If the printing area of the design rules, of course, can be easily calculated using mathematical formulas for different graphics area, otherwise, you can use the following calculation:

    1) to copy the picture on the paper;

    2) then copy paper cut out patterns from;

    3) Cut out the patterns in the balance are calculated by weight;

    4) 10cmx10cm blank copy paper cut into squares;

    5) 10cmx10cm (100cm2) put diamonds in the balance calculation of weight;

    6) area of the pattern can be calculated through the following formula:

    designs area cm2= (100x pattern weight)/box weight

    printed the number

    printed matter most directly associated with the amount of ink. Print quantity, the more ink consumption will also increase.

    ink wastage rate

    the printing process, in addition to some of the ink loss on the drum and some will die for losses when a test print. In addition, the ink loss rate can also be used for timing error of the calculated ink amount, the operator may also decide whether to make his own assessment.

    printing ink thickness

    thickness of printing a spot-color ink, do not directly represent the print density, it cannot be general densitometer Densitometer is used to calculate. Due to the thickness of the ink is quite thin, not density meters and feet measuring thickness, allows qualitative with ink or ink exhibition by indirect methods. Calculates the spot-color ink thickness using these devices a lot of learning, authors and readers in the future.

    thicker spot color inks, the ink consumption is increasing. Therefore decided to ink before printing printing thickness in order to calculate ink consumption. I would also urge readers, do not reduce the ink thickness in order to reduce ink consumption, because some colors will not be printed in a specific thickness and ink too thick will cause other printing problems.

    ink for specific gravity (Specific gravity)

    proportion of ink that is, the weight of each cubic centimeter of ink. This parameter can also be calculated using qualitative meter or display ink ink machine.

    now, we can start talking about how to calculate the amount of ink. You have to know basic amount of ink per print. Use spot color pattern in the printing area and the thickness of the ink, he will know that a printing ink consumption volume, then the proportion of recycled ink, converted volume amount of weight, you can calculate a printing ink consumption. Readers may also refer to the following formula:

    a printing ink consumption (g) = proportion of area x thickness x ink printing ink

    is calculated after a printing ink consumption, full printing order ink consumption can be calculated, and with inks and printing ink consumption minimum loss rate, can be when calculating the production of ink consumption.

    ink consumption = production loss of a printing ink consumption x rate x print quantity + minimal ink consumption

    formula above, trying to calculate printing ink consumption and validate this theory for production help.

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