Printing in the printing process water treatment

    approach can be said to be a variety of channels to water can be, for example: distillation, softening water, activated carbon filtration, microfiltration, ultra filtration and reverse osmosis filter and so on.

    good printing, such as a piece of

    1, softening water treatment

    after infiltration of sodium chloride resin used to filter water, when combined with the resin in sodium-ion water calcium, magnesium, and manganese ions will be replaced by these ions, which means na ions into the water, while calcium, Magnesium plasma adsorption on the resin.

    This can effectively reduce the hardness of the water (that is, reduce the content of calcium and magnesium ions in the water), but it is worth noting that because water containing concentrations did not change, so the conductivity of the water itself did not change.

    2, ion removal by

    This method is the use of resin cation exchanger and anion-exchange resin agent respectively exchanged ions in water. When pressurized water through the Exchange system, the ions in the water is resin, resin replacement of hydrogen ions or hydroxide ions in water, will also take charge of resin. When the resin after failure, strong acid and strong base resins can be used for restore.

    water treatment equipment are used this way in two ways:

    ① twin-type resin exchanger. This device has two resin containers (yin and Yang).

    II hybrid. Use of anion and cation resins mixed according to a certain ratio, using, mix well, then after the process of water quality is very good.

    3, reverse osmosis

    in normal cases, the diffusion of water from low concentration to high concentration of local spread, reverse osmosis is to use certain materials and tools this process is reversed, under pressure to make water from high concentration to low concentration spread. Reverse osmosis is a more thorough removal technology in General can remove our 90~95% impurities in drinking water. Common filter material: cellulose acetate membranes and polyamide membranes and membrane.

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