Advertising screen printing technology foresight

    advertising screen printing, there are a lot of people like it screen printing for short. Screen printing in advertising is an indispensable means of printing, especially in outdoor advertising has played an active role. It compared with the computer printing and several kinds of pressure-free printing.

    less investment in equipment, printing production and low cost, and screen printing on any advertisements, such as nylon, light boxes cloth, apply organic Board, PVC, and printed text is clear, colorful, firmly, rain does not fade. On the current overall level of printing on the Mainland, remains an important means of advertising printed by screen printing.

    in the light box on the screen printing screen printing and other printing materials, and difficult. Former is transparent or translucent substrate printing, which is not printed on a transparent substrate, so attention must be paid to production from the plate to the printing process consistency, and noted the possible adverse effect on the advertising image factors. First regulation to direct effects of advertising images in the four color screen printing ink layer thickness and its uniformity.

    four color screen printing in advertising in the screen production, screen is an important factor. You should use the new special screen, yellow screen four-colour printing, if the recovery screen, due to leave residual marks on the mesh, no matter how slight, will affect the printed image before wire mesh coating emulsion and oil must be very careful. Stretch mesh must be taut, tension-at least 20 n/cm, use tension measurement.

    If the tension is too low, it does not meet the standard requirements, can lead to uneven printing when printing. In addition, printing image area around the non-printing area should have enough leeway to avoid deformation of the printed image.

    screen printing light box ads, opt in screen printing machines are very important. Requirements for screen printing machine scraping plate must have a uniform pressure and speed to run. For best printing results, consider using large semi automatic screen printing machine, even if the network printer. In printing, also need to check whether scraping moving at a uniform speed without swinging. Check the swing for the most convenient method is printed on the same block, and check whether it is with the scraping plates running parallel to the direction. Screen printing ink on Board also should have good uniform Board (blade), must not be notched, and remain consistent throughout the publishing process speed, angle and stress.

    improvement technology due to printing technology, which greatly promoted the development of outdoor advertising printing industry. Outdoor advertising (including advertising) 's status as China's fifth-biggest media have gradually been established. With China's accession to the WTO, the development of outdoor advertising printing will be more standardized and internationalized.

    United States outdoor advertising revenues increased in 1996 to $ 3.76 billion, compared with 1995 growth 7.3%, 1997 for us $ 4 billion, US $ 4.3 billion in 1998, annual growth rate is about 6%. $ 4.3 billion is equivalent to more than 30 billion yuan, but outdoor advertising only accounted for 25%, an annual turnover of about 7.5 billion yuan, so the space to develop future outdoor advertising printing market in China is very big.

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